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This isn’t my first rodeo

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Small ecomm and service business with an ethical focus are my favourite brands to write for. That’s where the words flow most naturally for me, like these clients I've recently worked with. 

(Pssst! Sometimes clients tweak copy over time after it’s left my hands.)

Client: Alepp

Project:  Full website copy shaping + edits + keywords

The lowdown: A social enterprise, Alepp is the dreamchild of Kate Ryan. Alepp soap is pure, natural and handmade in Syria. 100% of profits go to asylum seekers and refugees in Melbourne.


Kate asked me to edit, shape and infuse her copy with Googly goodness. Clarifying her messaging was the core of the brief to ensure the content and style reflects the simplicity of the brand. 

Tone of voice: Understated, relaxed, informative.

Client: Until Now Therapy

Project: Full website copy 

The lowdown: Miranda was starting her psychotherapy practice and needed copy that shines with the hope and empowerment that her counselling brings her clients. 


Miranda helps people overcome trauma from toxic relationships, eating disorders and sexual assault. Her brief was for copy that conveys her refreshing approach to psychotherapy and the key message that trauma doesn't define you any longer. 

Tone of voice: Sincere, chatty, real. 

Client: Alix Helps Interiors

Project: Full website copy 

The lowdown: Alix’s business had matured and she needed repositioning to match her rebrand. She wanted someone with the copywriting intuition and SEO know how to create website words to attract higher value clients. I stepped in and took Alix’s brief for pretentious-free copy that spreads her joy for interior design.


It was important to Alix that we communicate how fun and easy she is to work with, and the feelgood element of her designs, which is reflected in the vibe and language.

Tone of voice: Smart, witty, warm with a sprinkle of playfulness.

Client: Green Caffeen

Project: Home page + social media content

The lowdown: Free reusable cup scheme, Green Caffeen is making green waves across the café scene. Their DIY home page wasn’t up to scratch so they asked me to write brief copy that summarises their eco ethos, the cup program and what’s in it for their broad audiences.


Green Caffeen continued to grow across Australia and they came back for more – copy for social media tiles. They asked for short, sharp, tongue-in-cheek messaging for use by cafes around the country in each local council area they partner with. 

Tone of voice: Down to earth, playful, frank.

Client: Cielo Massage

Project: Full website copy


The lowdown: Kylie Blackmore is a mobile massage therapist for females in the Geelong and Surf Coast areas. Kylie outgrew her old website which she felt had zero personality and wanted her new site to be full of feeling to give her clients a real sense of who she is. 


Building trust and confidence in Kylie’s audience was a vital part of the project, particularly as they need to feel safe enough to let her into their homes. Illustrating her credibility throughout the copy was one challenge for me, achieved with confident language that clearly addresses her clients’ problems. I also had to create a balance between the woo-woo side of massage and the pure soul goodness of Kylie’s massage.

Tone of voice: Warm, inclusive, intimate, feelgood.

Client: Colt & Willow

Project: Home + About + selected product descriptions


The lowdown:  Colt & Willow came to me from the UK for SEO copy that gives boring the boot. Owner Annie wanted to improve her customers' brand experience by amping up the personality in her copy.


Highlighting their scent and natural effectiveness, I gave Colt & Willow a brand vibe that evokes the joy of using these products.

A little bit tongue in cheek, a dash of real talk, a sprinkle of earthiness and Colt & Willow have a brand voice that'll have you looking for reasons to clean!

Tone of voice: Chat over a cuppa, playful.

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