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Answers to your copywriting FAQ

Aaannnnd those awkward questions you feel weird about asking.

  • How can I prepare for our briefing session?
    Around two weeks before our briefing, I’ll send you an online questionnaire to get you thinking about your brand, audience and purpose. It’ll get your thoughts whirring ahead of our chat and will help you articulate what you really want your website copy to say.
  • Why do you the brand briefing by phone/video call?
    For human connection. 🤗 I need to have real, heartfelt understanding with you, so I can pour that connection into your copy. When we chat about your project, it lets me dive deep and deeper again if there’s something that needs more focus. I know that not everyone finds it easy to articulate their business. Talking through it gives you the space and freedom to candidly communicate and unearth ideas or thoughts you might not even realise you have.
  • How long does it take to get my copy?
    Around two weeks from the briefing. This gives me time to do research, research and more research! I’ll write your copy, then let it percolate. I’ll come back to it with a fresh mind and polish it until I’m sure it’s hitting the brief. Then I’ll send it to you and we’ll go from there to refine it until you’re absolutely in love with it. The whole process from briefing to final version usually takes 2-4 weeks.
  • How is the keyword research done?
    Keyword research is done by an Australian professional SEO marketer using SEMrush, a trusted search engine marketing tool used by top SEO pros around the globe. I'll share the research with you and am always happy to walk you through it to help you understand it. We use search engine analytics to determine the right balance of keyword volume, competition and difficulty that we think will give you the best chance at ranking well. I weave those keywords through your copy in a natural way. Ideally it will read so naturally that you won’t even realise it’s been SEO’d!

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