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Best SEO copywriter Sydney

I'm Sydney SEO copywriter, Rachel Green.
Ooohhhh, hello curious human who likes to read About pages. Me too.
I write human-first SEO copy for meaningful Australian brands. 

Girl, can write.

I write human-first SEO copy for meaningful Australian brands.

I’m a straight-from-the-jar peanut butter scooping, indoor plant loving, mountain biking mama of three.


Before I tell you all about me, let’s start with you.


Because you’re really why we’re here.


I love to serve women in business building meaningful, ethically minded brands.

You’re filled with  joy, hope and fire for the business – and lifestyle – you dream of.

Building your brand on clear values with absolute belief in your product or service, you’re led by gut instinct – and a whole lot of coffee. 


You’re on a lifechanging journey. And as tough as it might feel some days being across alllll the things, this is living your dream.


You're at that point in your business maturity where you want to take things to the next level.


You’re clearer than ever on your direction. Who you serve. How you make impact. You’re ready to nail your niche.

Emotionally connect with your buyers on a human-to-human level.

Top the Google rankings.

All while building a brand that stands on its own for its ridiculously good charisma and its human focus.

Sydney SEO copywriter

What makes me the kind of copywriter you can trust to shape your brand?

That’s a vital question to ask.

Because if I didn’t show some kind of cred here… then I could just be like any other writer who knows a little about search engines and claims to know what audiences want. 

But I’m much more than that.

Fresh out of uni, I tucked my marketing degree under my arm and ran my heart out on not-for-profit and corporate mouse wheels for a decade.

Two babies into motherhood, I got taken down by a neurological disease.


After I learnt to walk, talk, eat, laugh and cry again (seriously), I threw doubt to the wind and set up my business in 2016.  

Courses? I’ve done a few. Of the good ones. 

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14 years experience

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100s of happy clients

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3 coffees a day (min)

The girl behind the words.

My purpose? To get you seen online.

How? Naturally written words that feel right for you, show your audience they’re seen, heard and understood and that bring Google goodness. 

I don’t write salesy, make-you-squirm copy because that’s not who I am. 

I can’t tell a story I don’t believe in.

A heart-led mama of three, I hide from the chaos in the pantry – possibly with my secret stash of Pana chocolate.


I believe in doing business your way. There is no one right way to do this. Gurus, coaches and biz ninjas (whatever they are) will tell you all the things.


But in the end? You can only sustainably do business in a way that's true to you. 

Bringing this philosophy to every brand I work with, I give you space to be you and do business in the way that’s purely you.

Sydney SEO copywriter ecomm
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But better than all that cred, coffee and p butter scooping?

I have a natural gift for extracting all your thoughts about what you do,

how you do it and who you serve. I shape all of that into beautifully readable copy.

Sprinkled with SEO, bursting with audience intel and shining with personality. 

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"Rachel went above and beyond to understand me and my business. She was professional yet super friendly and easy to chat with. Rach translated my jumbled mind into cohesive and informative home, services and about pages.


She was able to take from my mind what I have been trying to say for years about what I can offer my clients – and succinctly describe it perfectly, using the right tone and language.


Thank you Rachel, for bringing all the pieces of my puzzle together to show my clients the whole - and clear - picture! I love my copy, it's awesome!"

Samone Shepherdson, Samone Shepherdson Design

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