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Product descriptions
*without the ick*

Best SEO product descriptions Australia
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Hi, buy product copy 

Being sold to online makes you feel a little… icky.


Your butt clenches, toes curl, you tap out.


You cringe because what you’re reading just doesn’t feel right.


You’re savvy enough to see through the hard sell. And so are your buyers.

I’m an ecommerce copywriter big on down to earth copy 

No ecomm owner wants to come across as cliched, cheesy or a tosser.

And your buyers sure as hell don’t want to read that waffle.


Take-my-money-now product descriptions show your customers…


You fully understand them.


How you transform their life.


Why it makes life better.


All with just the *right* pop of brand personality and SEO goodness.


That 👆 is how you convert with cha-chings. Again and again.


Zero cringe. Absolute gold.


And the sprinkly SEO part? That’s naturally woven in so that your product is found by the right buyer at the right time.

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$950 + GST


$1300 + GST


$2,200 + GST

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Ecomm brands rocking my product copy

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Trusted by

"A natural wordsmith who pretty much nailed my brief on the first draft."

Kriscelle, Sukii Life

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