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About page copywriter 

​Over the word wrangle for your About page? I know what that’s like.

Everyone struggles with that – even copywriters.


I tweak my copywriter About page all the time.


Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when it comes to your business.

That’s why many business owners end up with a jumble of words that don’t say what you really mean.

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Your About page is more important than you think.

In fact, it’s usually the second most visited page on your site. 




Because people want to know who they’re buying from. They want to connect with you and know that you really do get them.


Here’s the secret to writing a readworthy About page...

It’s not about you.


Nope - an About page is about your customer.


Sure, it’s where we tell your story, your how and why you pour in all those hours to get your business where it is today.


But your About page is more than a timeline of your business journey. It’s used to:


  • Let your customers know you’re just like them

  • Show that you really get their problem

  • Get personal

  • Share your values

  • Give insight into who’s behind the scenes

  • Make your customers say “Yes, this is a business I want to support.”


$800 + GST


Let’s flip your tired old About page and create something you love.

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"Rach, it’s so perfect I could cry. Honestly my eyes started prickling after the first page. It’s brilliant." 


Jo Samaredellis, Sojo Social

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