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Website copy for The Design Room

The Design Room

Back story

The Design Room is the design studio of Laura Duncan - brand scientist, design mixologist + website world maker. (You’re looking at her brand science right now – she concocted my incredible brand identity).


Laura asked me to shake up the copy for her rebrand., superpowering her SEO and using her absolutely rocking brand voice guide.


Laura’s brand theme? Exotic cocktail bar meets nerdy brand scientist/mind reader to unlock your unique brand formula for a brand that BOOM shakes the room.


Website copy weaving in her new brand voice 

Tone of voice

Bold, punchy, refined, curveball.

They chose me because

“I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. I think you're great at what you do and know how to extract the info you need to write the best copy possible for each client. There's a little bit of magic in you!”

I wrote



Brand design

Website design + development

Graphic design

VIP Design Day

4 x blogs


They said

“I always knew Rachel would be the perfect fit for my brand. She is thorough, patient and immersed herself into my brand world so she could fully understand and deliver website copy that is exciting, fresh and will resonate with my audience. She has also written copy for a few of my client's websites and she has delivered above and beyond each time. Every client has sang her praises too!”

The Design Room website copy
Copywriter for The Design Room
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