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  • Rachel Green

What is SEO copy? It's all explained here.

If you run a small business, work in marketing or exist in the sphere of online business you've probably heard of SEO - search engine optimisation.

SEO means influencing a website's ranking in search engines through free (organic and unpaid) sources. It's about matching the content of your page with the search terms and user intent of a person searching online for what you do or sell. e.g I write SEO copy for conscious brands so I use words in my copy that target those search terms and consider the user's purpose, goals and buyer journey.

A website with better SEO will rank higher in the search engine results than a website that's not optimised for search engines to find it.

Why do businesses seek better SEO? Because more eyeballs = more clicks = more sales.

So, what's SEO copy? 🤔

Copy = words.

SEO copy is words on your website written to increase your visibility in search engines.

It’s art, data and intuition all zipped up into your brand voice and explains:

Your what, why, how and who and whyyyyy your audience should give a damn.

It’s NOT:

🙅‍♀️ Repetitive

😴 Boring as hell

🤖 Robotic

SEO copy is human-focused, audience-loving words that feel like a warm hug for your brand.

Who writes SEO copy?

A professional SEO copywriter. These are clever writers who combine brand knowledge, keyword research, user experience, customer psychology and writing talent into copy that converts.

Want to have a go at writing your own copy? Take a look at these DIY SEO copy tips and check out these five free SEO copy tools that'll make your writing flow more naturally.

Need help with your SEO copy? Hit me up.


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