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  • Rachel Green

Why work with a website copywriter?

You live/breathe/work in your business so you know everything you need to write about it, right?


As many small business owners will tell you, it's so much harder than you think to write your own website copy.

If your memory is throwing back to high school essays when you knew what to say but just couldn't get the words out right, that's pretty much what writing your own copy is like.

But this time, your whole livelihood is probably riding on it.

Working with a website copywriter is a good move for so many reasons. Yes, you save money, time and brain-ache.

But teaming up with a copywriter who fully gets your brand brings you some killer advantages you just can't walk past.

(I'll just give you my top 5 - time is short. Life is fast. You've got a billionty other things you've got to do today, I get it).

Reasons to hire a website copywriter

You'll get a better result.

End of story.

Ok, there's more to it. You should hire a copywriter because...

1. Copywriters get you more traffic, leads and conversions

In a nutshell, this 👆 is the basic benefit of a hiring a website copywriter. I write in a way that strategically delivers 3 things:

  1. Feels like you (or your brand).

  2. Resonates with your audience so they feel seen, heard and understood. (See also: audience intel below👇)

  3. Addresses all the Googly bits, using your keywords in the right places in the most natural way.

By writing in your brand voice, meeting your audience's needs and showing how your business solves their problem, we attract, engage and convert with copy that resonates with your dream buyer.

From the search results to your headings, body copy to contact form and calls to action (clickable buttons on your site), every element is written to persuade lookers to like, trust and buy from you.

2. Flip your perspective from out to in

A mistake that many business owners make when tackling their website copy is to look out to your audience.

Uh uh. Turn around.

Look back at what you're doing through your buyers' eyes.

A website copywriter will bring the perspective that's just out of your grasp - because you're too close.

As well as looking at it with a fresh take, we apply our understanding of consumer psychology, the buyer journey, decision making, problem context and more to see the whole picture from your audience's viewpoint.

Knowing your audience at a mindreader's level informs every word we write.

3. Harness audience intel, ideas and input

Ever fallen in love with a brand because of the way they talk? (Think Go-To Skincare or Frank Body).

Or read a site that felt the brand was inside your head, intimately knew your beliefs about the product and tackled your objections before you'd even thought of them?

That's voice of customer research. Not every copywriter does this part, but those who do (like me) go the extra million miles to hand-on-heart, *deeply* understand your buyer.

When a copywriter does that, they can infuse your audience's voice through the words, reflecting them back to to your buyer in juicy copy that does alllllll the selling for you. Want some examples? Check Sort My Space, Amelia Lane Paper and Colt & Willow to see how it's done.

4. Make your brand personality sparkle

No one wants to read a boring website.

What other things are you doing while you read this? Patting your dog. In transit. Waiting for an appointment. Thinking about dinner. See? We're all distracted as hell. Focus is a thing of the past. (For most of us, me included).

A copywriter brings your brand voice, vibe and inimitable style to your website to keep 👏 buyers 👏 on 👏 your 👏 site. Good for SEO, good for your biz, better for your buyers.

We understand (or can create) your tone of voice and magnify it to keep attention, convert browsers and build a loyal following of brand lovers.

Drawing out the things that make your brand different, its values and ways of doing things, copywriters are skilled at putting the spotlight on your brand's personality.

5. Supercharge your SEO

This one's saved for last because... as Google's helpful content algorithm update affirms, websites rank better when they are designed to be genuinely helpful for humans.

That means writing for humans first, search engines second, is always going to give you a better ranking, user experience and stronger brand interaction.

Back to the SEO supercharging bit.

A website copywriter researches the right keywords for your business and weaves them in naturally throughout the copy in vital places that are proven to signal search engines: "Hey, this is a great site with lots of excellently helpful content on <INSERT TOPIC THAT TARGETS YOUR KEYWORDS HERE>".

SEO copywriters do this with natural ease, so that you (and your buyers) don't even know your copy is search engine optimised.

Ultimately, a website copywriter helps get you see in search engine results by the right people (your buyers) at the right time (when they're ready to buy).

If that's not enough reason to hire a website copywriter, we're done here, people.


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