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  • Rachel Green

When sustainability messaging is grey, not green

Greenwashing is everywhere.

From the fruit & veggie section in your local grocery store to insincere closed loop fast fashion programs.

Greenwashing is a grey area for many small businesses because we want to be green but for now, it's a largely unregulated area which makes for confusing messaging for business and buyers,

What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is exaggerating the environmentally friendly actions your business makes. That might mean saying you're eco friendly, or organic or ethical - without any evidence to explain how. It's sustainability messaging with unclear or shady claims about how you do things in a planet-friendly way.

It happens in small business but it's not always intentional.

Greenwashing often more grey than green because many brands are doing what they believe is eco focused - but it’s not always clear cut.

We don't know what we don't know.

And when it comes to communicating your greenness - transparency and getting your messaging clear are as vital as your morning cuppa.

If you haven't guessed, sustainability and greenwashing are topics I LOVE to dive into and get me a little fired up. Which is why I recorded a Rise & Shine podcast ep on greenwashing with sustainability copywriter, vanlife chick and fellow mountain biker, Sam Rankin from Copy Circle.

Get the kettle on, grab your sneakers and dog or carve out some you time and hear:

  • Common greenwashing terms in brand messaging

  • Greenwashing tactics explained

  • Shady greenwashing examples

  • Radical transparency

  • Brands doing sustainability messaging well

  • Greenhushing explained

  • How to know a business is truly sustainable

  • Government small biz guidelines for sustainability messaging

  • Proof that community over competition is more than a hashtag

And more.

Plus, there's a handy list of resources and terms at the end of the show notes.

Listen on Spotify, Apple or your go-to pod player.

When sustainability messaging is grey, not green


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