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  • Rachel Green

Stop making this common copywriting mistake

*TLDR video version below* 👇

Writing your own copy for your business is harder than getting a full night of sleep when you have small children. (That's my reality, anyway 😴).

So if you write for your own brand, it's likely you make the number one copywriting mistake I see everywhere, from brands big and small.

It's this - focusing on your product/service features.

No one cares about those - yet.

Instead? 👉It’s all about the benefits, features and the outcome or how your customer will feel after using your brand.

So how can you avoid making that copywriting faux pas?

Use this simple formula instead 👀

Benefit + feature + outcome/emotion.

Here's an example for a baby sleep consultant I'm working with.

Get more sleep - benefit

Using proven sleep strategies - feature

Outcome - bring back the joy of parenting

So, write more persuasive copy with this simple formula that will make DIY copy easier. See what I did there? Benefit, feature and outcome.

TL:DR? Watch this video instead.


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