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  • Rachel Green

Five free SEO copywriting tools you need

Writing your copy and feel like throwing your laptop at the wall?

Le sigh.


Get your hands on these FREE copywriting tools I use every day that will make your SEO copylife easier:

🚀 Moz Bar - a Chrome extension that tells you SEO BTS deets for all websites, including your competition. Handy if you want to see a page's domain authority, meta description, if they're using alt text and a whole lot more. I use it when I'm assessing where a client is at with their SEO and to get instant pointers for what they can do better. Get it here.

🚀 Pingdom - a lean, fast site ranks better than a chunky one. Check your site speed and how you can slice off some size by running a site speed test on the Pingdom website. TIP - set the region to Australia to get local data relevant to your customers.

🚀 Power Thesaurus - need another word for "versatile"? This online thesaurus is my go-to because it serves up a broad range of synonyms. It's got me out of a brain pickle countless times and definitely sharpens my copy.

🚀 Rhyme Zone - fun, readable copy has the right sound to it and sometimes a rhyme is what you need. I love how this site provides heaps of rhyming words by syllables.

🚀 Uber Suggest - see what keywords a site is ranking for, who is linking to them (so you can mine these for backlinks too), get keyword suggestions (perfect for blog/podcast/social media content/FAQs) and heaps of data for your benefit.

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