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  • Rachel Green

Do I reeeallllyyy need a Google Business listing?


But only if you want to:

🌟 Improve your SEO

🌟 Be found more easily online

🌟 Appear on Google Maps

🌟 Reach local buyers

🌟 Increase conversions

🌟 Build trust

🌟 Get bookings online

🌟 Amplify your brand

If your inner voice is telling you to set up a Google Business listing or someone has encouraged you to (🙋‍♀️) – listen to that voice.

It's on the money. Literally.

Why you absodeficertainly-would-be-insane-not-to have a Google Business listing

If you're poking around my corner of the internet, you've probably got an interest in getting your small business seen online by the right people at the right time. Which is exactly what a Google Business listing does for FREE.

As soon as you set up your Google Business profile you unlock so many benefits:

+ Boosting your visibility in search engine results for your keywords – especially local results at the TOP of the page.

+ Showing up on Google maps – powerful for local businesses who rely on foot or tourist traffic. 👉TIP👈 if you're a service biz or don't want people coming to your door, you can just set a suburb or city as your location so you still get seen.

+ People Googling your brand can instantly see a snapshot of your biz in the search results - without even needing to click in. We're all lazy online so anything that makes getting info quicker is a win for your audience and for you.

+ Securing bookings/quote requests directly in the search results - thanks to the customisable CTA button in your listing

+ The power of reviews - direct your buyers to do a review in your Google Business profile and people can see all those lovely words in the search results without even needing to click in. 👉TIP👈 Reviews ⬆ views which increase clicks ⬆ which ⬆ can ⬆ your ranking.

+ Controlling the info your buyers see about you online - summary of what you do, contact info, location, parking, temporary closures (thanks Covid and other unprecedented disasters) etc.

+ Direct clicks to your products when you add them to your Google listing

How to set up a Google Business listing

  1. Add your business, select category

  2. Enter location, contact details, add images/video and complete all profile info. Include keywords in your profile - if you've worked with me before, you'll already have these.

  3. Get verified

  4. Share your Google Business link with past customers/clients and ask them to leave a review - and reply to every single one.

  5. Update your profile as your business evolves.

Have I convinced you yet? Seriously, there's no reason not to have a Google Business Listing.


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