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  • Rachel Green

What comes first: design or copy?

Copy first, design second.

Because a website without words is nothing. It's a blank space that has no value, context or power unless it has copy.

Pretty pictures and beautiful design can do a lot, but copy gives your website meaning, connection and ultimately, creates conversion.

Your website design is built around your copy.

Copy gives design context.

That's why your website designer won't start working on your website until they have the final copy locked and loaded.

Some won't even develop concepts if you don't have a completed copy deck to give them.

And it always makes design easier because the copy gives a designer a framework for what to put what, where.

It dictates the spacing, style, layout and the visuals that go with the copy to reinforce the vibe and meaning.

Copy and design are equally important brand tools for user experience and telling your brand story.


Copy. Always. Comes. First

Your take way? Not the coffee on the go kind.

Book your copywriter before you book in your designer. Or if you're super duper keen, get your copy deck delivery date from your copywriter and then book in your designer.

A heads up? Killer copy (and gorgeous design) takes time. Turnaround time for your final copy deck is usually around 3 weeks with me and design could be 4+ weeks for your web design.

Need some quality website designers to check out? Just ask me! 📧


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