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  • Rachel Green

Top 3 SEO tips to do right now

Online is where it’s at right now.

Humans are spending more time than EVER online. Thanks to Coronavirus and everyone WFH, seeking escape on-screen, buying all the things online and constantly scrolling their feeds to get some kind of human connection.

As more businesses scramble to get online, new websites are making it tougher to be seen in those top few Google results.

Give Google your best shot as competition heats up with these tips:⠀

1. Hone in on your your local SEO keywords

A few tweaks using your suburb/area in your website copy could make all difference, espeically if you’re a business that relies on local customers.

Getting seen in the geographical search results is vital for you right now. So if you haven’t got a Google My Business listing, NOW is the time to get one. It’s free, easy quick and invaluable for SEO.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? If I search for a dentist in Crows Nest, these are the local results I see at the top of the results, before the organic results.

They are pulled directly from Google My Business listings which means people don’t even have to scroll down into the results to find what they want. Your business needs to be in these local results.

2. Focus on click throughs from search results

Eyeballs are great… but getting actual clicks into your site will bring the sales. To tick this one off, edit your page titles and descriptions (also called meta titles and meta descriptions) to read like a short sales pitch using your keywords at the start.

Let users know what they’ll find when they click through. And why they should.

Here’s a meta description example for natural dog shampoo. (I just got a puppy. Dogs are on the brain). Natural dog shampoo made in Australia. Recycled bottles, chemical free. Free shipping over $20. ⠀

See how the meta description tells me the main benefits of the product and tackles all customer barriers? There’s no reason not to click through.

3. Adapt your content to the 👉 n o w 👈

Tell your audience what you’re doing in response to Coronavirus. That might be content around:

:: What your shipping times are like these days

:: New offers to meet the market and our changed lifestyle

:: Videos showing us how to get the most out of your product

:: Blogs with home learning resources aka sanity savers

:: Ways to connect with others who use your product service

An example? North Shore Mums offering free Easter egg printables for a virtual easter egg hunt on the Easter long weekend as part of their Coronavirus resource hub for parents. Or Nikki from Heist Creative doing contactless product shoots from her home studio. Need help with any of this? Shoot me an email at rachel at shinecopy dot com dot au. I’d love to help you polish your SEO. 🙋‍♀️ Or check out my affordable SEO Copy Audits to get a customised copy check with easy DIY tips to fix your SEO.


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