Girl, can write. 

Rachel Green of Shine Copy - an Australian SEO copywriter

I write meaningful words for ethically-focused brands.

Before I tell you all about me, let’s start with you. 


Because you’re really why I’m here.


I love to serve women in business building meaningful, ethically-minded brands.

You’re filled with joy and living your dream.


Building your business based on solid values, absolute belief in your product or service, gut instinct – and a whole lot of coffee. 

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That’s an admirable life that I want to be part of with the joy I have in writing SEO copy.

If you’re a mum in business like me, you’re probably juggling an insane load.


You zig from website whiz to bookkeeper, sales to hashtags, then zag to packing orders and marketing every day.


And all while handling children, a household, friends and… life. 

You're probably at a point in your business where you want to take things to the next level.


No more DIY copy for you. It’s time to rock this thing!


Or you might be ready to refresh things online with words that show where you’re at now.

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You’re ready to nail your niche, emotionally connect with your customers, climb the Google rankings and stand firm and clear in your brand.

The girl behind the words.

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I’m Rachel Green, Sydney SEO website copywriter for meaningful brands. 


My purpose? To get ethical brands seen online.


How? With natural words that say what you mean to say, connect with your audience and get Google’s attention. 


I don’t write salesy, make-you-squirm copy because that’s not who I am.


I can’t tell a story I don’t believe in.


And I can’t write about your brand if I don’t share the same values.


But that’s why you’re here reading about me, just to check that we’re on the same page, right?


If you’re a joy-led business owner here for people and planet, you’ll feel right at home with me.


Still want to know more? Alright…

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It’s funny how everything works out.


When I look back to my uni days (Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Management at UTS) and the decade I spent marketing not-for-profits and corporates, I still can’t believe that I landed here.  

Back when I was a Marketing Executive, I always had this feeling that I was a square peg in a round hole. It just didn’t feel right.


The truth is, I didn’t really care about what I was marketing. It didn’t fit with my values. It didn’t make my heart shine. 


I didn’t feel joy. 

Fast forward two babies and a redundancy and I took the leap to set up Shine Copy, doing the part of marketing that I’ve always loved most – writing. It’s what I’ve always done as part of my work and now I get to blend that with the marketing acumen I’ve gathered over the corporate years.   


Add in a third – and final – baby, and here I am today. I’m writing for business owners who care about the same things I do – low tox living and genuinely making a difference to people and planet.


We feel deep joy. And we’re changing the way we live and the world we live in, guided by clear ethics.

One more thing…

Ok, maybe more than one. I’m a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course and a member of The Clever Copywriting School.


I’ve been featured by Lady Startup and I’ve done a handful of Australian Direct Marketing Association courses.

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But better than all that?


I have a natural gift for extracting all your thoughts about what you do, how you do it and who you serve.


I shape all of that into beautifully readable copy sprinkled with SEO and shining with personality. 

Mel from Ridgy Didge Resources - website copy by Shine Copy

"This is just absolutely amazing, Rach!

Everything is totally perfect"

Mel, Ridgy Didge Resources